Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lighting Farms to Power Electric Cars?

This announcement has some increadable implications if it is scalable. AEHI plans to collect power from the ground area surrounding a lightning strike and convert it into usable electricity to be sold through existing power grids.

Harnessing the natural energy produced from a bolt of lightning as a clean energy solution will eliminate numerous environmental hazards associated with the energy industry. Lightning farms are expected to be able to sell electricity for 80-90% less ($0.005 per kilowatt hour) than we pay now! If producting electricity this clean and this cheap is possible, electric cars will be that much closer to mass production. They are currently working on a mobile full-scale lightning farm to be tested during peak lightning season (July through August) of 2007.

Thanks to Treehugger for the scoop.



Anonymous said...

Wow, what is Exxon going to do if we are getting all the energy we need for our cars from nature? Maybe they'll try to build an oxygen monopoly and charge us all to breathe!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Exxon is the only company in the world that is responsible for the oil monopoly. What about all the other state-owned oil companies, like Venezuela's PDV, or Mexico's PEMEX, Russia's Slavneft? Are they also in cahoots with Exxon's evil scheme.

There is no "monopoly" on oil, it's a global commodity, the same way gold or silver is. Exxon is just one company out of many (mainly state-owned) companies that sell in a global market.

People are so ignorant about "big-oil." They really think the high price of oil is some scheme cooked up by Texas oil tycoons. The reality is countries all over the world have growing demand for a product that is in limited supply, and that is why the price has skyrocketed.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Anonymous on 5/1/08, it is true that Exxon is not a complete monopoly controlling the entire oil industry, but our country's administration happens to be in the hands of two oil men who are very sympathetic to the needs of the oil industry.

Why doesn't Cheney release the details of his energy task force meetings? Why have Republicans and their anti-tax and anti-regulatory policies prevented us from creating a more energy-efficient economy in the last 30 years?

You do recall that it was Reagan who cut tax subsidies for solar and tore Carter's solar panels off the White House, don't you? Have you stopped to consider where this country would be today if we had pursued Carter's energy policies, and didn't have a right-wing noise machine demeaning any and all attempts to move away from dirty fuels and towards renewables?

Republicans and so-called Conservatives have a lot to answer for. Sure, a few Democrats have been in the pockets of big energy and hindering progress, but not the whole party. For that, all we have to do is look at the Republicans. Nice going, Republican jerks. You've done a real bang-up job.

kimberly said...

The electric car in a great innovation nowadays, i think is a goop option not only to save money even more now the fuel is very expensive, but it could work to save our planet of the pollution environment. i think costa rica investment opportunities must be approach.

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